4 comments on “Boil, Blowout, Bonfire, and Bling – the Perfect B Weekend!

  1. Love it ALL!!!  Can’ t wait to get there.  Don’t forget another “B” is the Basketball game Friday night at 7!  Lets get everyone to go and support them, if they are in town.

    Thanks for all your entertaining emails all season.

    Kathy Epperly 

  2. Kathy, I SO WISH we would be in town in time for the Basketball game on Friday night! Love Basketball! But, this is the ONE weekend we get in town later on Friday. Enjoy! And hopefully some other Tiger parents will see your great suggestion and join y’all at the bb game.
    See you early on Saturday at TigerTailgate. GO TIGERS!

  3. Enjoyed your article. Looking forward to the Tigers last game being a big win, granting them all the rewards they deserve. GO TIGERS

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